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During Fundamentals, a coach will familiarize you with the broad range of movements and exercise philosophies that Iron Fit uses.  They will also teach you how to perform these activities SAFELY, so that you keep training and progressing.  During your Fundamentals, you will learn about safety, technique, and terminology from all of the disciplines at our disposal.  You’ll also learn how to identify and perform basic techniques from gymnastics, rowing, plyometrics, Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, kettlebell work, etc.  These new concepts will be taught, along with a review of components from disciplines you may have already tried, like running, weight lifting, jumping rope, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. 












Fundamentals Program:  $140.  

Fundamentals is a series of four private sessions, lasting approximately one hour each, that are focused on theory and skill development.  You will cover topics such as proper movement mechanics, movement safety, recovery and how to make the most of your CrossFit experience.  After you complete the Fundamentals program, the rest of the month is covered in your Fundamentals fee, and you are welcome to come to any class you’d like at that point.

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