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Want to try before you buy?  Your first class at Iron Fit is free!  Just let the coaches know that you’re interested in trying our training  and they will point you in the right direction!


Adult                                                                 $110 - unlimited classes

65+                                                                     $55/month 

Active Duty Military/First Responders        $70/month

College Student with ID                                 $75/month

Teen (13-18)                                                       $75/month

Iron Kids Danville (5-12)                                 $50/month


1/2 off Adult Rate for Spouse of Current Member

Family Rate (minor Children)                       $175/month

Drop-in fee:                                                       $10/day 

10 class punch card (adult or kids classes)   $75/10 classes









A note on cost and value:

Iron Fit rates may seem low when compared to personal training sessions.
Iron Fit rates may seem high when compared to most gym memberships.

This is because training at Iron Fit is a combination of these two experiences.  A typical class includes the execution of complex or skilled movements.  Performing these movements correctly requires the attention of a knowledgeable coach (personal training).

In most cases, our facility charges by the month for unlimited access to class times.  Therefore, if you attend three classes a week, it would be about $10 a class.  If you attend classes every day that they are offered, you will pay about $4 a class with a regular membership.  Between the coaching, the skills, and the equipment, this is quite the bargain.

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