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Wednesday 08/30/2023

Burn day:

Run 1600m

100 T2B

100 mountain climbers (2ct)

100 vested box step ups

200 DU

Segment as desired

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Monday 05/20/2024

800m run 50 pull-ups 100 push-ups 150 squats 800m mile run (Partition as desired)

Tuesday 05/21/2024

Strength day: 5x5 Back squat STO DL cashout: 4x10 GHD situps GHD extensions SBAS

Wednesday 05/22/2024

For time: 40 Clean and jerks Cashout: 10:00 AMRAP 8 elevated burpees 8 3 way V-ups 8 lateral plank raise (L/R) 8 seated leg raise

1 comentario

“Segment as desired “

I think I’ll segment that over the next ten classes….

Me gusta
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